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Recommended reading: Handbuch der Europäischen Aktiengesellschaft – Societas Europaea (Handbook of the European Public Limited Company – Societas Europaea)

Published by Verlag C. F. Müller as part of its business law series, this handbook offers systematic and detailed insight into the law of the European Public Limited Company or Societas Europaea (SE) from founding to liquidation.

Chapter 16 is particularly helpful for the work of a translator, as the authors describe and explain the basics and special features of SEs in all EU member states.

I discovered this book while working on a translation about Maltese company law, for which I needed information on the foundation, organs and financial statements of public limited companies in Malta. Names and designations are often quoted in the language of the respective country or in English.

A helpful tool for translations in the field of company law.

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